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Change your life by getting the tips to wash, fold and dry your clothes

Scott Gilbertson
Posted on 10th Aug 2021

Almost all garment manufacturers generally expand out fabrics while manufacturing garments so that they can save on the cloth used. This fractionally explains the reason behind the shrinking of the clothes over time. Without any external pressure, a piece of clothing will somehow retain its original size and shape. Nonetheless, the acrobatics and upheaval actions during washing and drying are the major contributors to the shrinkage. While keeping this in mind, below are some important tips for the prevention of laundry shrinkage and to properly wash, fold and dry your clothes.

Always prefer to Dry Clean especially in the case of Natural Fiber Fabrics

Clothes that are made from natural fibers like cotton, mohair, cashmere, and wool are likely to shrink faster due to the upheaval actions in the washing machine. This simply implies that the ideal way to keep your fabrics in great shape is to minimize the usage of the washing machine. Instead of using a washing machine, you should consider dry cleaning them. Sit is a proven fact that dry cleaning is a much safer and better option than washing clothes in the machine.

Always Use Cold Water instead of hot water for Laundry

One of the biggest causes of laundry shrinkage is the change in the fiber structure that is used to make the fabric. While depending on the type of fabric, excess heat can certainly cause individual fibers to shrink, which ultimately leads to the shrinkage of the entire piece of cloth. This simply implies that if your clothes are prone to shrink due to heat, washing with cold water is certainly a better option.

Always Prefer to Use Hangers to dry especially Cotton Fabrics

The heat from the dryer is equally bad as heat from the washing machine and the sun. Namely, heat can certainly cause your clothes to shrink no matter what the source of heat is. Keeping this fact in mind, you should always choose safer drying methods for your clothes, usually for those that involve little or no heat. More particularly, you can dry your clothes on a hanger preventing the fabric from direct sunlight or you can also lay them down on a folding table. If the use of a dryer is a compulsion, you must need to ensure that you are maintaining the fiber structure in the fabric.

Always Focus on Learning Good Laundry Practices

Generally, fabric manufacturers usually provide washing, drying, and folding instructions related to the safe washing of various fabrics. For instance, while some fabric materials like polyester may able to withstand heat, while others like cotton and wool need extra care. This simply implies that you must adhere to the advice of the manufacturer when cleaning your clothes to avert or minimize damage to the clothing. In addition to following the instructions on the tags, there are some other good laundry practices that you can follow. Such as:

  • Sorting clothes according to the type of fabric prior to washing
  • After drying, remove the fabric from the dryer subsequently
  • Always try to avoid twisting clothes while you are handwashing


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