Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning with Miele

We always want you to leave us with smile and that's why my cleaner is at the forefront of an innovative new wetcare system from Miele, the industries leading innovator. Wet Cleaning is an effective, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning. This new cleaning method has been developed in order to clean even the most delicate fabrics and garments without causing any damage. We are highly skilled and experienced at providing this fantastic cleaning solution..

The advantage of Wet Cleaning is that it does not use any harmful chemicals, meaning your items look better for longer and smell fresh with no chemical odor. It is also kinder to your skin and the environment. Items labelled ‘dry clean only’ can be safely and effectively cleaned using this method, which involves carefully controlled levels of biodegradable detergent, a gentle Honeycomb drum that cushions the items while they are being cleaned, highly accurate temperatures and a moisture extraction cycle.

Wet cleaning also comes with the following advantages:

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