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Professional Dry Cleaners Edmonton

Laundry would be at the top of the list if you were to list the most frequent household tasks. Additionally, it can be time-consuming if you have to spend a lot of time cleaning expensive and delicate clothing. Professional Dry Cleaners Edmonton can lighten your load.

With many years of experience, My Cleaners offers Affordable Dry Cleaning Edmonton, wet cleaning, Residential Dry Cleaning Edmonton, and spot removal services. In Edmonton, we are renowned for offering premium Commercial Dry Clean Edmonton. We employ efficient cleaning methods and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for our services. You can be sure that your priceless fabrics and special dresses will be cleaned and treated with great care.


We take pride in using eco-friendly cleaning methods. Unlike other dry cleaners, we stay away from harsh chemicals that might irritate your skin and trigger allergies in addition to harming the environment. Instead, we rely on cleaning solutions that produce stunning results without harming skin or contaminating air or water.

Removal of Specialty Spots

Do you have a difficult-to-remove stain on your clothing? Fearing that with that blemish on it, it may never look the same way again. Trust My Cleaners' specialists in spot removal to get the job done. Bring in your problematic clothing so we can go over your cleaning options.

Professional Dry Cleaners Edmonton Process:

  • Tags on clothing: Your clothing is tagged with a special number when you drop it off at the dry cleaner in order to identify each item.
  • Inspection and pre-treatment for stains: Each item is visually examined, and any stains are noted and, if necessary, pre-treated. Utilizing special chemicals made for specific stains and fabric types, pretreatment is done. Any embellishments or buttons are now protected from deterioration throughout the dry-cleaning process by being covered with a soft cloth.
  • Into the dry cleaners: A dry cleaning machine is used to clean stained clothing. The preferred organic solvent is pumped into the machine while the clothing is gently agitated (or, if your dry cleaner uses water, wet cleaning solution).
  • A second examination: The clothes are checked once more to ensure that all stains have been eliminated after the dry-cleaning cycle. Additionally, the condition of all seams, buttons, and embellishments is examined.
  • Completing touches: The dry cleaner will now press, iron, or steam each item to remove wrinkles, depending on the type of fabric.


  • Less abrasive is dry cleaning: In comparison to traditional home washing and drying, modern dry-cleaning innovations use greener products and are less harsh on your clothing. The best practices for dry cleaning are always followed when handling your delicate clothing that requires extra care.
  • Professional dry cleaners are meticulous in their work: When doing laundry at home, you also need to fold, iron, and put things back where they belong. However, if your clothing is being cared for by a reputable dry cleaning or laundry service, they can take care of all those details on your behalf. After receiving your items, all you have to do is hang them up in the closet.
  • Perfect for removing stains and odors is dry cleaning: Sometimes home remedies can get rid of stains, but the clothes might get damaged in the process. Trusting your items to a professional dry cleaner who can expertly get rid of tough stains and odors is a better idea. Try having a professional dry cleaner inspect the items first if you're thinking about throwing away some items because you can't get rid of certain stains and odors.
  • Large items can be handled by dry cleaners: Larger items like curtains, rugs, sofa covers, and comforters that are difficult for you to clean at home can be cleaned by dry cleaners. You will save time and have one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule if you use professional dry-cleaning services for your clothing and larger items.
  • Your clothing will last longer if you dry clean it: Your clothing will last longer if you have it professionally dry cleaned and pressed because the agitation of the washing machine doesn't wear down the fibers. You will save money by not having to buy clothes as frequently because the colors of your clothing will be brighter.

Dry Cleaners Edmonton

Your time is valuable, and that is an important point to make. Let's face it, we don't spend much time with our family and friends because of our busy schedules and work demands. Laundry is a task that can consume your whole day. The ironing comes next. Anyone with more enjoyable things to do would rather not have to iron a laundry basket full of clothes. Is it worthwhile to go through all that trouble to save a few euros each month?

My Cleaners offers unrivaled quality dry cleaners Edmonton and friendly service at very competitive prices. You can find that the right service provider promises to provide you Edmonton Dry Cleaners with 100% customer satisfaction out of it. It would lead to bringing a big smile to your face. Contact us today!


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